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The power of nature is magic. With accurate use of medicinal herbs, and nutrition is everithing possible, also curing the medicinal diseases which are non curable for modern medicine.


Who are we? herb man Naume Petkovski Resen, more than 30 years engaged in the production of teas, tea combinations and products of tea combinations. He says there is no incurable disease, because in nature there is a cure for everything and every disease. Naume has a law graduate, who started dealing with alternative medicine after problems with breaches of the kidneys and problems which the modern medicine was unable to solve. This medicine problems were solved with alternative medicines and especcialy tea combinations. It was the motive and incentive for him and his wife to complete alternative medicine license at CSOU "Dimitar Vlahov" and begin to "investigate" the nature. Petkovski attested and patented four tea combinations, macerate, tinctures and mead. Besides treatment with teas and tea combinations recommended diet for blood croup. - We are working on lists of nutrition Dr Peter Adamo. These are natural laws that can not be changed because the nature of that group determined what diet should apply. Formerly worked in Karper, Diamond, but in certain diseases, the effects of treatment in terms of diet were not met, said Petkovski. Petkovski said that during his treatment with preparations three important factors- psychological (the desire to be healed), method of treatment and changing diet. Works recipes from Yugoslav and Bulgarian pharmacopeia of Vesna Lukarovski and Vaso Dervendzhe. - herbs collect themselves often high on Galicica and Pelister where the highest quality. It is important to keep an eye on periods collection - which herb is collected and what time to be sunny, no dew. Dries, pack and store in separate rooms. Before you use them ground to be cooler explains Petkovski. It guarantees healing for diseases for which there attestation of herbs - urinary system diseases (inflammation of the kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate, genital inflammatory problems, the ovary, bacteriological problems, stones, insificienci, nephrosclerosis), followed by liver disease (liver disease, hepatic conditions, cirrhosis, diabetes, tumors and malignant diseases), and tea combination for weight loss. 

Here come patients who do not have adequate solution for modern medicine. No missed treatments if the patient is disciplined. Grasses are not addictive and can drink among with medicine drugs. We work in diagnoses. Most seek blood to give the impression of disease, and to determine the diet. 

Aletrnative Medicine reveals the causes of the disease, to "stop" and then forces the body to fight alone. Therefore, solutions are durable. Herbs are scavengers of the body and have more properties - diuretic, antibacterial, antiseptic, depends on what combination do and what problem you solve. With teas not only cures the disease, but the whole organism. To illustrate in a medicinal herb (the root) is allocated 200 to 400 main properties of the plant, and the set is received thousands properties.Medicinal products with high concentration to a particular component, and the effects are very fast. With herbs treatment is longer. By tea is not recovered for 2 3 days. The teas are drunk 7, 14, 21 or 42 days. In certain diseases treatment lasts several months, said Petkovski. He is particularly proud that his preparations successfully treat many skin diseases, especially psoriasis and vitiligo vulgaris, which medicine deems incurable. - The treatments last from 42 to 80 days.

Psoriasis is a skin problem but is suppressed anger in humans. It is a "distorted" metabolism, hormonal disorders, in enzyme status and problems in liver transaminases. With diet, a combination of about 100 species of herbs psoriasis treated, said Petkovski. It produces and folk recipes. - We use components from underground parts of plants that are "pulled" by the alcohol and wines.

 Yellow wort combined with other herbs with antiseptic properties "standing" in the virgin olive oil for 40 days. Successfully treat skin problems and enables fast regeneration of the skin, said Petkovski. Interested can order tea and check out their website on the Internet Rosa Kanina (Wild Rose).

I The effects of this treatment have begun to have proved very effective and less unattainable for modern medicine (increased blood cells to 1,000,000 for 7 days, purify the blood by various impurities, achieving hormonal balance, raising the immunity of sound level , enabling the body alone to fight the disease, which in turn means the impossibility of recurrence of breast cancer patient, anticancer effects, success in treating breast cancer up to third, clean the kidney stones, gallblladder

 The first customers were neighbors, relatives, for further started coming from all over Macedonia and beyond.  Especially successfully treated, kidney diseases, skin diseases, severe diseases often intractable to modern medicine. such as psoriasis vulgaris, vitiligo, impetigo, eczema, erithemen erythematosus, kidney failure and others. disease. Alternative Medicine Rose Kanina LLC Resen does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, transmit best practices of traditional medicine who have experienced have helped many people and can be applied in consultation and in consultation with and clearance from your doctor . 



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Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs



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