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The power of nature is magic. With accurate use of medicinal herbs, and nutrition is everithing possible, also curing the medicinal diseases which are non curable for modern medicine.


Prespa bitter - tincture is obtained by extraction of medicinal components and parts and roots than 33 species of wild medicinal plants mostly organic, using a refined alcohol (mastic) obtained in a separate procedure.
Directions for use: if no special instructions to drink 3-4 times a day from 10-15 oz. (Tablespoon) on an empty stomach. Children under 10 years old should not receive due to alcohol. It contains 18-20% alcohol.

gastric acid, ulcers, inflamations,
The most common diseases of the stomach: gastritis, ulcers, increased or decreased secretion of gastric acid. Specially made for solving them.
• gastritis, ulcers - is inflammation of the gastric often accompanied by increased secretion of acid. It may be acute and chronic.
• stomach ulcers - is damage to the stomach, which occurs early, gastric wall. An ulcer can be "feminine" when damaged some capillary and is accompanied with frequent bleeding and "male" when bloody. It may be acute and chronic.
• increased secretion of GASTRIC ACID - a disease when the secretion of gastric acid is increased from the normal and is caused by many causes times anxiety is a major problem and cause.
Solving the hormonal system of organism To resolve problems with a stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer and other issues (gastritis) use one tablespoon 3-5 ml. before eating three times per day.
Tincture - Prespa bitter product obtained by extraction with alcohol of 33 medicinal plants is effective for above mentioned. create no habits no harmful effects and no side effects with other medications.
Tradition over 40 years. According to pharmacopeias used as a preventive tool to improve the general health (ulcers, gastritis, digestive system, digestion, collating hormonal system, etc.). The combinations are made in accordance with WHO monographs. Nature does not recognize diseases. Healing plants are specially collected from the cleanest areas and altitude over 1000 meters.
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Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs