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The power of nature is magic. With accurate use of medicinal herbs, and nutrition is everithing possible, also curing the medicinal diseases which are non curable for modern medicine.





Diseases of the women gender organs are different and complicated as diseases. In this group will be mentioned: dysfunction of menstrual cycles, inflammations of vagina, inflammations of ovaries, and ovaries canals, sterility and diseases of pap and climax as occurrence and disease.

Disorders of menstrual cycles – Menstruation is internal change in the ovaries and uterus, in which the appearance side is month bleeding. Menstruation lasting 3-5 days, and is repeating in 28 days, which is regular and normal menstrual process, and as the in this case normal bleeding. During the process of menstruation in natural or normal to lose 50 -100 ml. blood. The first menstruation is appearing from the 12-14 years old and is calling Menahra. If it appears before 12 years old is ,,young menahra” and if it appear after 14 years old is ,,late menahra”. Can be late appear to 18 years old. The last menstruation is between 45 -50 years old, and is calling ,,Menopause” this period is called climax, which is itself stopping of menstruation. Menstruation can be rare , when they are appearing after 31 days, and frequent when they are appearing shorter that 24 days. Menstruation can be “strong” with increased losing of blood and in most cases with intensive pain, and “weak” with little blood without pains. Apearence when between menstruation are occurrence no regular bleedings is calling “Metroragia” and it’s believes that this is bleedings which doesn’t have connections with menstruation process and associating on problems and diseases of the gender organs, mostly connected with stress situations and nervosas which is not normal.

INFLAMATIONS OF OVARIES AND OVARIES CANALS – inflammations of ovaries and ovaries canals is mostly bacteriological and infective processes. It’s appearing mostly after abortion, menstruation, colds, problems with organs of urinary systems and etc. Can be Acute and Chronicle. In the acute inflammation is feeling pain in the area of ovaries, splint, temperature and it’s lasting few days and if it’s not solved can be changed to chronicle disease. In this disease in the most of cases the temperature is not present but is appearing in the face of women. Inflamations most of the times can be transferred to the urinary system (urethras, kidneys) and can make bigger problems like (cystitis). Not solved this problems of the inflammations can also be basis for other difficult diseases as are as we mention cystitis , tumors, polyps and other difficult diseases. Cystitis of the ovaries and ovaries canals are very often appearance and diseases of this organs. This is the things that hold liquids which are also infection, cantabile and which dimension can be measured with centimeters (wide and long) and kilograms.

INFLAMATIONS OF VAGINA – inflammations of materius are very frequent inflammations processes of the slime of materius and the tissue, and the reasons are mostly – bacteria, viruses and etc. Frequently is coming as the result of dysfunction of the immune system and “basic” middle of the materus, which came “acid” as the result of menstruation, abortion, unclean occasion, using of antibiotics, and other reasons and diseases (sugar, diabetes) , strange bodies, contraception, changing a lot of partners, the frequent consequences are smell secrets, white infection, pains, temperature and etc. Very often this Is base for other diseases more serious as they are inflammations of tissues, wounds, (fibroms) changed or switch materius, polyps, tumors and cancer.

STERILITET – is not having possibility because of many reasons to child-bearing, among them most frequent is “dysfunction of ovulation”, problems with ovaries canals, low quality of ovum cells, hormonal, and other problems, gender diseases, alcoholism, cirrhoses, diabetes and etc.

DISEASES OF PAP (TEAT) – most frequent are inflammations of milk glands, fats (mastitis) followed with pains, red color, temperatures and etc. Damage of papilla, it’s getting most in the cases of lactation, followed with bleeding, pain, not enough milk is cause by the fats, stress. Galaktorea is appearance when is uncontrolled leaking milk, which can be reason from other diseases, stress and etc.

Climax period – is period in the live of women when activity of ovaries and menstruation is stopping, and is appearing between 40 – 50 year of live. Frequently is followed up with lot of problems and diseases, and it’s manifesting with appearance of redness of face, nek, breast, feel of heat, insomnia, headache, tiredness, weak concentration, depression, osteoporoses, ischemia, thromboses, nervosas and etc. The main basic indicator is stopping the function of ovaries of hormones which are necessary for immunity of organism. They are 4 relevant hormones between them is Estrogen, and progesterone which is connected with many diseases which appearing in this period. This is cause for small materius and tissue, dry epitel of the vagina, and small circulation of blood in this part, losing the strength and elastic of breast, changes in meaning of fats,(masticitozes) pigmentation, papilla, losing the density and losing the hear, raising the fats (fat) , arterioscleroses, bigger chance for infarcts, yellow white color, appearing crowesfeet, weakness, losing interest for sex, pains and etc.

Symptoms are expressed with frequent (prutitus) of vulva, frequent bleedings, infections, frequent bacterial complications, painful and weak sexual relations, wound of larynx or bottom of materius, frequent urinating, tachycardia, fatness of liver, stones in the gall bladder and etc. Mostly for hiding or not acknowledge the natural processes are choosing the wrong steps, changing the partners, taking strong ant depressives, alcoholism and other wrong steps. Because of fair most of the cases with implementing wrong methods this condition raising in bigger problems.


3.1.3 Herbal tea combination for female gender diseases - 3 soup spoons from tea combination are boiled with 1,5 liters of clean water, after which stays 3 hours and is ready for consuming over whole day instead of water 3-4 liters per day. 
3.1.4 2. Tea for liver and gallbladder diseases and disorders 300 gram (3/1)- Drink 0.5 Liters per day. 
3.1.5 For all blood types take gentiana tincture- Drink 3 times per day 4 tablespoons, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3.1.6 Mead is taking 2 times per day  2 coffee spoons before eating.

It useful to take in addition 2-3 times per day tea from Yarrow is a perennial herb, native to Europe and Asia and naturalized in North America and most other countries throughout the world. (0,5 liter per day).


1. One pill of supplemental Selenium, one pill of supplemental iron, one pill of supplemental magnesium

2.  tablespoons (3) of extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed), mixed with the juice from 4 lemons and 1-2 tablespoons of honey
3. 200-300 grams Broyce's juice (see instructions) and up to 10 pm any fruit or vegetable

Red beet Juice (Combination):
2 kg of fresh red beet, scaled, 300 grams carrots, 5 kg apples (sour not sweet), 3 bunches of Italian parsley, 2 bunches of celery, wash it well and grind it in the machine, put it in a bigger pot, pout up to 8-1 liters of cold water, add 1 or 1.5 kg of honey and let it sit for 12 hours. Pour it through gaze and keep it in a glass container refrigerated, it needs to be used within 20 days.




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Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs



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