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The power of nature is magic. With accurate use of medicinal herbs, and nutrition is everithing possible, also curing the medicinal diseases which are non curable for modern medicine.


Slimming tea mix Usefulness of use:

The herbs in tea have diuretic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, digestive, antiviral properties and is recommended for decomposition of fat, good for cleansing the body of toxins and harmful substances, improves the bodies body and helps to detoxify the organs in the body, contributing to the overall health of the body, caused by various reasons, hormonal disorders or indigestion, a favorable effect of removing the swelling and oedemas for getting regular and constipation, dyspepsia , tromost the abdominal system, metabolism and digestion is performed faster exchange of fluids in the cells and dumped excess fluid, reducing depression and discomfort before and during periods, has a mild calming effects, favorable impact on problems with the ovaries and uterus, urinary system, cystic tvorevini, contributes to protection against bacteria and viruses (HPV), Escherichia coli, Candida, because of antibacterial properties, helps to reduce bleeding uterus, kidneys, hemorrhoids etc.. Using tea eases symptoms of the aforementioned conditions.


 3 tablespoons of tea is COVERING with 2 liters of boiling water left to stand covered 2 HOURS.

Recommended daily use:

 Drink all day (sip). Best taken on an empty stomach and especially before you sit down to eat, drink at least 200 -400 militri, which intersects eating. Whenever you feel the need to eat drink 200-400 ml. tea.Daily drink 2 l. -3 L. It is recommended to drink 4 weeks and if necessary can continue. drink unsweetened. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is absolutely harmless, it creates habits, no side effects with any drug, if used according to the recommendations, can take a long time. 


 at weight reduction, good for decomposition of fat, contributing to clean cholesterol and triglycerides and removal of waste products and toxins (detoxification), favorably affects and accelerates metabolism, and a favorable effect in weight loss, lowering excess body weight. Along with the use of tea, be respected by blood group diet, not to be confused meals and not eat after 19.00 o'clock. It is desirable to take tea after "weakening" to not return to old habits. 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

 Method of issue: dispensed prescription. Keep out of reach of children.

The product is registered as a food supplement, not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Macedonian products.

Origin Galichica.Shelf life 2 years.

Produces Rosa Kanina LLC Resen. It is recommended to consult a physician for use in children of tea, during pregnancy and during lactation.


Composition. Fit-mix

Ingredients: Betula Alba, Saturea Hortensis, Urtica Dioica, Rubus fruticosus (, Teucrium Chamaedrus, Agrimonia Eupatoria. • Betula Alba, contributing to the discharge of excess water from the body. • Saturea Hortensis improves the bodies digestion. Urtica dioica • helps breach of the lower urinary tract. • Rubus fruticosus helps with diarrhea and has antioxidant activity. • Teucrium Chamaedrus  contributes to improve appetite and digestion. • Agrimonia Eupatoria helps In renal diseases and disorders of the bladder and beneficially affect bile and liver improves appetite and digestion. 

FIT-mix herbs in tea have properties that contribute to the disposal of surplus vodatata the body, improve the work of the organs of digestion food aid in violation of the lower urinary tract, aid in diarrhea and have antioxidant effects and help with kidney disease, bladder and beneficial effect of bile and liver and improves appetite and digestion. Good for cleansing the body of toxins and harmful substances, improve metabolism and digestion which performs faster exchange of fluids in the cells and dumped excess liquid

WHICH act Reducing obesity

Packing - paper bag, in a cardboard carton, bulk, minced 
Weight: 200 gr. 





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Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs